Ready to Take Your Maverick Life to the Next Level?

Hi, Haim here!

You are here because you found out I offer to coach those who want to level up their maverick life.

Check the following two steps and use the calendar below to book your call.

My availability is very limited, so check the calendar below!

Haim Schlesinger

2 Simple Steps

Identify your most significant difficulty

Before booking your call, I want you to think about the following question “what is the most significant difficulty I currently have due to my being a Maverick.”

During our call, I will focus on helping you overcome that difficulty.

Book your zoom call with me

Use the calendar below to schedule your first coaching call with me. If you choose to continue working with me, we'll set a regular day and time for our bi-weekly calls. For now, simply book your first coaching session.

When scheduling, please also enter your answer to the question in step 01 and any additional details you think may help me understands your needs better.

I offer two payment options:

1. Pay for each 25-minute call separately: $75/call

2. Pay monthly for two 25-minute calls (once every other week): $98/month ($49/call)

After you complete your booking below, I will send you an email with a link to the payment page.

Coaching is currently closed. Sign up and get notified the moment it's available again (disregard the calendar below):